During the Fall 2023 season, the New York Bridal Fashion Week (NYBFW) brought several different looks to the forefront.  There is a look that is perfect for each bride whether she is on the more traditional side or prefers a unique look.

1.     The Romantic Bride

In this context, romance means traditional.  It can describe the entire wedding itself or the bride’s choice of wedding gowns.  The best example of a romantic wedding gown is the “Celestine” collection by Alexandra Grecco. With clean lines, sheen on the gorgeous fabric, or the stunning necklines, trains, and sleeves, each design represents the tradition of romance.

Alexandra Grecco / Celestine Collection / Margaux

2.     The Whimsical Bride

Fanciful and playful describes the whimsical bride.  These quaint and unusual wedding gowns add beautiful details in the most unexpected places.  For example, this Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal Collection’s design “Iris” adds Ombré colors that blend yellow and orange into each other at the bottom of the skirt.  It is quite dramatic and even unexpected to the wedding guests as the bride walks down the aisle.

Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal / Iris

3.     The Sensual Bride

Silk is a beautiful and soft fabric that is gratifying to the physical senses.  It feels wonderful to wear and beautiful to see and touch.  It is the perfect wedding gown fabric because of it sleek texture.  Katherine Tash‘s Fall 2023 Collection “In Bloom” was designed with silk.  Each piece, including “Giselle” featured below, has a design that complements the beautiful, silky fabric.

Katherine Tash
Katherine Tash / In Bloom Collection / Giselle

4.  The Ethereal Bride

The ethereal designs are delicate and lightweight.  They are truly beautiful in that they are almost too perfect to touch.  The Atelier Couture‘s Fall 2023 “Paradise” Collection has several ethereal designs that are created with an intricate and dainty hand.  The design below is graceful and elegant with a touch of wispiness.

The Atelier Couture
The Atelier Couture / Paradise Collection

5.     The Avant-Garde Bride

This unique type of bride has her own sense of style that is unlike most other brides.  She believes in experimenting with unusual patterns and surprising her wedding guests with an amazing and eye-opening ensemble.  Sophie et Voila‘s Fall 2023 Collection has some of the most unusual and beautiful avant-garde pieces including the image below.

Sophie et Voila
Sophie et Voila / Look 6

6.     Shades of Blue

Throughout The Atelier Couture collection, there are plenty of shades of blue presumably representing the ‘something blue’ requirement of the wedding rhyme.  However, it could also be the bride’s prerogative to wear something different – a color of her choosing.  Regardless, the color blue looks splendid on the bride on her wedding day.

The Atelier Couture
The Atelier Couture / Paradise Collection