You have reached that point in your relationship where you are ready to take the next step and pop the question.  There are so many worries that come with planning a proposal.  You might wonder where do you find an engagement ring?  Where and when do I ask her?  What do I say when I ask?  Am I forgetting anything?  This article is designed to help you prepare for the perfect proposal.  The next seven steps will assist you in planning this momentous occasion.

1. Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Picking out an engagement ring for your partner can be extremely nerve wracking. Even though you’re ready to take the next steps as a couple, it can be hard to pinpoint their style and jewelry preference. Look to their current jewelry and friends (or family) for inspiration! Is there a piece that your fiance-to-be loves to wear? The jewelry they enjoy wearing may be a good clue. If you’re still unsure, look at current trends. Gemstone and mixed metal engagement rings are beautiful choices that will be sure to wow her. When you find the one, show it to one her friends or family to get the go ahead!

2,  Ask for Permission First

If you are planning to ask your fiancee-to-be’s family for her hand in marriage, be sure to do so before the proposal.  Asking ahead of time shows respect and proper planning.  It also forgoes any embarrassment that you might endure just in case the answer that you receive is not what you hope it to be.

3.  Prepare the Right Words

Besides the engagement ring, the words that you use during the proposal are most important.  These are the words that will persuade her to say “Yes”!  You should be yourself and speak like you normally do.  Don’t sound rehearsed even though, most likely, you will have planned, prepared, and rehearsed your proposal speech many times.  It’s okay to get emotional, especially if you choose to go down memory lane and bring up all the great times that the two of you have shared.  Focus on your future together and how much joy and fulfillment she has brought to your life.  Of course, end your proposal with “Will You Marry Me?” then wait for her to say “Yes”.

4.  Insure the Engagement Ring

With all the care and thought that you have put into selecting an engagement ring, it’s time to protect your investment by insuring it as soon as possible.  The easiest way to go about insuring the ring is to use your existing renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy.  However, having one of these policies does not mean that all of your jewelry is automatically covered. You’ll want to ensure that the engagement ring is covered because there are many limitations in personal property coverage.  Therefore, you may need what is known as a “rider” added to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to ensure that your engagement ring is adequately covered.  An insurance rider is an optional add-on to your existing policy that provides higher coverage limits and protection from more kinds of risk.

5.  Find the Perfect Location

When choosing the right location, pick someplace romantic and, if possible, private.  This very special event should be between both of you and not for someone else to possibly interfere.  Some possible locations include a rose or flower garden, the beach, or a place that is sentimental to you as a couple.  Make it special and make it your own.

6.  Timing is Everything

To have a perfect proposal, you need to choose the right time to ask your partner to marry you.  You need to have balance between making the proposal a surprise and not completely catching her off guard.  Your partner should have a sense that it’s going to happen sometime in the near future, but not know the exact date and time.

7.  Hire a Professional Photographer

The proposal of marriage is a special and personal moment, and photographing the proposal is becoming more and more popular.  Although the actual wedding is most often thought of as the “big day”, the proposal is the only time that you and your partner will be alone together which makes it all the more special.  Although relatively new, proposal photographers are known for being discreet and hiding to capture the moment.

Blue Nile Proposal Infographic