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Hosting a Bridal Luncheon

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What is a Bridal Luncheon?

Also known as a bridesmaids’ luncheon, a bridal luncheon is a daytime celebration for the bride and her attendants which includes bridesmaids and flower girls. The event is often treated as an opportunity for the bride to thank her bridesmaids for their hard work and support over the course of the wedding planning process.  The event is often regarded as optional, but it is certainly a nice gesture on behalf of the bride to show her gratitude to those closest to her.  Whether it’s a brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or even a trip to the salon or spa with champagne, it’s feminine and low key.

Who Serves As Hostess?

A bridal luncheon isn’t always included in the pre-wedding festivities.  Therefore, the etiquette isn’t quite as clear. There are a few common options for the hostess: the mother of the bride, the maid of honor (on behalf of the bridesmaids), or, my favorite, the bride herself.

Who is Extended an Invitation?

The bridal luncheon guest list is usually limited to women participating in the ceremony. The list should definitely include all of the bridesmaids, the flower girl (and her mother, especially if she is quite young), the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, and the soon-to-be newlyweds’ sisters. If you’d like to have a larger celebration, you might consider inviting other close female friends, grandmothers, or aunts. The guest list follows many of the same guidelines as a bridal shower, although it’s often more intimate.

What Should Be Served?

The menu is totally up to you. Your bridal luncheon could be served at lunchtime or it could be a brunch or tea.  Make it exactly what you want it to be and be sure to serve your favorite dishes.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Venue?

Depending on the ambiance that you’re desiring to create, there are many exciting venue choices including restaurants which are quite popular, as well as spas, and private residences. Restaurants have proven to be quite popular because you can choose your own dishes and include your favorite foods.  A restaurant venue can include a chef’s table seating and a spectacular view.

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What Activities Take Place?

The main focus of the event is to acknowledge and thank your bridesmaids for all they’ve done as you’ve planned your wedding. This is the perfect time to distribute any gifts you may have gotten your bridesmaids.  This is especially true if the gifts can be used on your wedding day.  Though not necessary, the bride may choose to make a brief toast.  Otherwise, use the intimate group setting as an opportunity to relax, enjoy the company of the closest women in your life, and prepare yourself for the celebration to come.

Extra Activity:  The Cake

This traditional bridesmaid luncheon activity is should be conducted with the camaraderie and humor for which it is intended.  The cake is usually pink and often baked with a hidden trinket or ring inside. Whoever finds the ring in their piece of cake is said to be ‘blessed in affairs of the heart’ and may be the next to wed.

Others will decide upon a grouping of charms on ribbons that are baked into the cake, which can be color-coded to apply to single, dating or married women with corresponding fortunes attached. Each bridesmaid will pull a charm before the cake is cut and read their fortune out loud.

Bridal Luncheon Cake


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