Blue has been connected to weddings for centuries, thanks to the Old English tradition of the bride having “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” to bring her good luck on the big day. But there’s no need to stick to the old standbys when searching for your “something blue.” Instead, take a cue from these unique ideas to find unexpected ways to incorporate the hue into your big day. Here, you’ll find a roundup of the prettiest blue touches, both big and small.

1. A Bouquet with Pale Blue Flowers

Pale Blue Bouquet

A wedding bouquet that includes flowers like delphinium and thistle are a beautiful way to incorporate the color blue into your ceremony.  It can check the “something blue” box in a beautiful way.

2. Blue Shoes

Bride's Shoes

While many brides choose to wear a white wedding dress and matching shoes, there’s no rule against wearing color.   This bride chose these jewel-toned blue shoes to bring luck to her wedding and beyond.

3. Bridesmaids in Blue

Bridesmaid's Dresses

Having each of your bridesmaids dress in a blue gown is a wonderful way to display your inclusion of “something blue”.  You can choose for your bridesmaids to wear all the same color in the same dress or have them choose different hues of blue in a dress of their choosing. Either way, you have satisfied the “something blue” portion of the tradition.

4. Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Cake

This colorful wedding cake contains a beautiful shade of blue on the top tier and on the top part of the bottom tier. Far from the traditional white wedding cake, this cake has it’s own personality and displays the “something blue” tradition quite nicely.

5. Napkins


Trade in traditional white napkins for blue ones, which serves as an easy and statement-making “something blue” wedding detail.

6. Depart for Your Honeymoon in Style

Blue Antique Car

A vintage car—or any blue automobile as beautiful as this one—means you’ll drive off into the sunset in your “something old” and “something blue.”

7. Berries Galore

Blueberry Wedding Cake

Modern weddings call for cakes of the same style.  Incorporating blueberries into this “naked” wedding cake allows your guests to enjoy your “something blue”.