Summertime is the most popular wedding season of the year. Something about the longer days and warm nights make celebrating in the summer especially romantic. It’s also easier for guests who are having to travel to book their vacations in the summertime, when work holidays are common.

One downside to the summer wedding season is the sweltering summer heat, but with some careful planning and attention to detail you can embrace the sunshine and even incorporate it into your wedding theme and signature cocktails. You can also incorporate summer trends into your wedding cake. After all, using seasonal ingredients and produce will save you money and keep your cake fresh with local flavor.

Summer is the season of bold colors and refreshing flavors. Flowers and produce are in full bloom this time of year so you have plenty of wedding cake flavors and themes to choose from. A great way to beat the summer swelter is to add refreshing flavors to your wedding cake such as limes and oranges. Tropical weddings are also a fun theme to embrace during the warm holiday months so consider incorporating mango, pineapple or coconut as well.

A Mai Tai yellow cake, for example, lets your guests get a taste of the islands with a yellow cake topped with pineapple and almonds and filled with dark rum chocolate mousse.

Cake alternatives are great for couples who aren’t attached to the idea of a traditional wedding cake, and during summertime you can get creative with the types of treats you serve. Consider cool dessert alternatives such as ice cream bars, boozy popsicles, sherbert and more.

It’s also a good time of year to embrace creative summer flavors such as pink lemonade, orange creamsicle, key lime, lemon curd and much more.

Check out our visual below for summer cake inspiration, and check out our complete list of 112 Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Season here.  


Summer Wedding Cake Ideas
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