There are rules to follow at all weddings, and here’s a quick overview. The most important one is to take the dress code into account. If the invitation says “white tie” or “black-tie,” this means it’ll be a highly formal wedding, the former more so. Female guests are encouraged to wear floor-length gowns or dresses. Casual weddings give greater flexibility. Whatever the case may be, there is specific fashion protocol for a fall wedding, which changes according to trends.

The Do’s of Wedding Fall Fashion

Here are the main trends and tendencies to consider incorporating into your wedding outfit this fall.

Dress in Millennial Purple

Lavendar Dress

Orchid hues are gracing fashion show runways nationwide this fall. Work in a touch of millennial purple (the new pink) with accessories or go for all-over lavender. However, do ask the bride or a bridesmaid about the wedding colors because if they are millennial purple or a close hue, you don’t want to clash. You should always steer clear of white at any wedding. This year, bursts of color have been quite popular, and guests are getting increasingly bold with color combos.

Rock the Gold Standard

Gold Dress

This fall, runways sparkled in gold. A gilded gown will attract attention at any event, but if the wedding is more casual, just work in a metallic knit glint with tasteful gold jewelry.

Bring Back the Tie Dye

While the tie-dye trend never left, it’s become more elevated than ever this fall. Tie-dye dresses are not to miss, whether a vintage style with ruffles or a sleek silk or satin slip dress. If you opt for the latter, check out the next point by all means.

Stay Warm in a Cape or Coat with a Long Hem

Tan-Light Brown Dress

Unless the fall is always warm in your region, take measures to stay warm, especially at an evening wedding. Capes were among the strongest pieces of outerwear in recent collections. Long coats are in, with the best being well-structured and made of warm, thick material. Don’t neglect this trend because fall 2019 is all about statement capes and coats.

Draw Eyes with an Asymmetric Neckline

Asymmetric necklines are cute, attractive, and give off a casual vibe. They’re a playful alternative to pristine high-necks or traditional sweetheart necklines.

Make a Statement with Hats or Feathers


This fall, top designers gave their dresses delicate edges of feather trim, but there were more daring options as well, like feather-backed tops. As for hats, the bucket is destined to become a street style staple.

The Don’ts of Wedding Fall Fashion

This section includes things to avoid at a fall wedding. In particular, steer clear of clashing trends, overly revealing garments, and black.

Don’t Pair Too Many Trends Together

Choose one or two fall trend staples and leave it at that. It’s easy to go over the top with so many great styles this fall, but all you need are a few key pieces tailored to the season’s trends that fit your personal style.

Don’t Wear Trends that Aren’t Flattering

If a trend or color isn’t flattering for your shape or skin tone, don’t wear it. For example, a bodycon dress may not accentuate the right curves. A woman with an apple- or pear-shaped body type will look and feel best in a loosely fitting dress embellished by gold jewelry. Find the looks that work with your body shape and reflect your personal style preferences.

Don’t Always Wear Dark Colors

Yellow Dress

While classic darker hues of red, orange, green, brown, marigold and purple are always suitable in fall, you don’t have to stick to them. It’s probably best to avoid very dark colors at a fall wedding. The trendiest colors this year are airy blue and other light blue shades, spicy mustard, lush meadow, warm tan, and spiced up yellow tones. Color trends make it possible to come up with fresh, new looks in parting with tradition. While black is a flattering and elegant choice, it’s never the right one for a wedding unless “black wedding” is specifically mentioned in the invitations.

Don’t Overdo Patterns

Choose a pattern for a shirt or skirt and pair with a solid-color pant or scarf. Don’t wear animal prints or other loud or busy patterns. These will attract all the attention in group photographs, perhaps even away from the bride herself, and she’s not about to appreciate that.

Don’t Forget Your Jewelry


A fall wedding is the best place to show off your statement jewelry, which will accentuate a stylish and elegant outfit. Gold is the best option, but anything goes, really: platinum, gem stones, diamonds, or silver. Heavy bracelets and opulent earrings are definitely recommended. Don’t hesitate to wear anything you deem too flashy for the office.

It’s OK to get creative with how you wear jewelry. You don’t have to wear it as designed. You could attach a bracelet to your purse or secure a brooch to a chain.

Dare to Leave your Comfort Zone

On a final note, we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Many of the fall styles this year depart from tradition. If you normally stick to a specific style or color palette, try adding something unusual into your fall look. Go for statement jewelry if the jewelry you own is understated or a tiered style in place of a traditional A-line skirt. It’s never too late to try new things because you might come upon something extraordinarily flattering.

Always keep a fashion emergency kit on hand just in case. Tide To Go eraser pens are great for getting wine stains off lighter-colored clothes. Your kit should include double-stick tape for a gaping bodice or a loose hem, a bra clip to hide straps, safety pins, and a makeup sponge to get rid of deodorant stains. A lint roller or brush is indispensable – run it over any woolen garment.


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