No bridal look is complete without the finishing touches.  Bridal hair accessories is a great way to polish your look as a bride.  Whether it’s a simple crystal hair comb or a more elaborate hair band, I have compiled a list of different hair accessories to assist you with you wedding planning.  I hope that you find inspiration in the examples below.

1. Hair Combs and Pins

Hair combs and pins are perfect accents to an up-do.  They create a more beautiful hairstyle and shows attention to detail.

2. Flower Crowns & Combs

If you’re planning a bohemian-themed wedding, a flower crown or comb might be just the touch that your wedding needs.  Flowers are from nature, thus catering to your wedding’s earthy vibe.

3. Hair Vines

Hair vines are some of the most beautiful additions to any bride’s hair.  They can be woven into the hair by braid or pin.  It’s important to keep it sturdy as hair vines are more complex that other bridal hair accessories.

4. Tiaras and Headbands

Adding a tiara or headband full of crystals and pearls creates a romantic feel to your bridal look.  It’s ornate and shows that you are, undoubtedly, the center of attention.  You are the queen and this is your day!

5. Headpieces

Adding to the glamour of the day are headpieces.  They really “pop” when worn with either a simple or ornate gown.  Some brides like to wear a simpler dress to put the focus on her and the headpiece.  Other brides like an ornate gown along with their headpiece to show off the entire look.  Either way, the bride exudes confidence and it’s the perfect choice!