Are you getting married? Congratulations — let the planning begin! Many couples start preparing for their big day by researching venues. If you have always wanted an outdoor wedding, you need to keep in mind that indoor spaces are equipped with some amenities the outdoors simply cannot provide naturally. Whether you are getting married in someone’s backyard or utilizing the outdoor space at a country club, farm, or another wedding venue, there are various items that might slip your mind during the planning process. Use this checklist to ensure your outdoor wedding is absolutely perfect.

1. Unexpected costs and fees

Outdoor Wedding - Beach Setup

Leave room in your budget for extra costs. Having an outdoor wedding can come with the risk of unexpected expenses. There are a lot of things to be taken care of when it comes to planning, from lighting to seating, tenting, and more. After all, an outdoor venue doesn’t come with the standard accouterments a typical wedding venue has. This includes expenses like site fees and cleanup since outdoor spaces don’t often come with cleaning crews. Don’t get stressed — prepare for these unexpected costs by having a cushion in your budget.

2. Electrical outlets and generators

Outdoor Wedding - Couple Holding Hands

Prepare to provide power. You may be required to provide or acquire the electricity necessary to pull off your outdoor wedding if the site hosting your wedding doesn’t have a source of power. Make a list of all of the elements of your special day that require electricity, like music equipment, food stations, and more. Then, think about the time of year and location of your wedding. Will you need more than one generator to power heating or cooling elements to keep your guests comfortable? Will your DJ or band require multiple sources of power for equipment and lighting? How is your food being served? Speak with your vendors to see what kind of setup they need and make sure they’ll be able to power up without any hassle.

3. Tents and umbrellas

Outdoor Wedding - Night Embrace

Offer plenty of coverage. Regardless of how nice the weather looks for your special day, it’s important to offer guests space in the shade. Whether there are going to be older adults in attendance, young children, or a mix of both, it’s nice to give them a place where they can escape from the sun — especially if you’re getting married in the summer! It’s also best to have outdoor coverings that all of your guests can fit under, just in case the weather decides to take a turn for the worse. If a tent is not in your budget, you should consider providing umbrellas to each of your guests. Umbrellas will protect your guests from the rain as well as provide personal shading should the sun be overbearing.

4. Favors

Outdoor Weddings - Favors

Get creative with your favors. Base the favors at your outdoor wedding on the time of year you’re getting married. For example, if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding during the summer months, set out hand-held fans for guests to keep themselves cool with during the ceremony. If your wedding is to be in the crisp, fall months, set out lap blankets or oversized scarves for guests to grab when they’re cold. Other favor options that make sense for an outdoor wedding include sunglasses, parasols, and hand sanitizer. When you’re creative and mindful, your guests will be better able to enjoy your special day.

5. A backup plan

Outdoor Weddings - Backup Plan

Have a Plan B. Ultimately, no matter how much planning you do, circumstances you can’t control, like the weather or a global pandemic, can alter the success of your outdoor wedding. To ensure your wedding happens the way you want it to, have a backup plan ready. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing a venue that has an indoor option ready and available if you need to move things indoors quickly. Other times, you may have to schedule a rain date or pick an alternate venue that is willing to offer you the same day and time as your initially planned wedding. Having a Plan B at the ready will ensure your wedding is as perfect as you want it to be.

Don’t let something like the weather prevent you from having the wedding of your dreams. Planning ahead and using this checklist will ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch. If you’re looking to have an outdoor wedding without the hassle, Talamore Country Club can help. This outdoor wedding venue in Bucks County offers exceptional backdrops for your special day.