10 Best Wedding Dresses of 2018

Anne Barge

One of the most important decisions that a bride will make about her wedding is her choice of a wedding dress.  On the big day, all eyes are on the bride so the dress has to be perfect.  There are so many options from which to choose – from the neckline to the train.  Regardless of any trend or anyone’s opinion, the wedding dress should be right for you!  Try on as many as you like to get a feel for what works on you and what doesn’t work.  You will know it when you see it.  And more importantly, you will know it when you feel it.  You are likely to cry and so are the people you brought with you!  And that’s a good thing.

Now that Bridal Fashion Week has concluded, I scoured the bridal collections for this season in search of my favorite wedding dresses so that I may present them to you as ideas.  It was such a fun task!  If you are getting married this year, you are in luck because there are some beautiful designs that you can choose to walk down the aisle in.  Below I am listing my Top 10 favorite wedding dresses for this season.

All images courtesy of vogue.com

1.     Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

2.     Anne Barge

Anne Barge

3.     Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

4.     Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf

5.     Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan

6.      Elie Saab

Elie Saab

7.     Marchesa


8.     Reem Acra

Reem Acra

9.     Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf

10.     Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad

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8 Bridal Trends for Fall 2018

Monique Lhuillier

Fall weddings are gorgeous and, with the wedding perfect dress, they are stunning.  Let your wedding join the ranks of this spectacular season by reviewing the eight (8) most popular trends from the Fall runways that I’ve listed below.  Regardless of the trends, there is certain to be some wedding dress that is just right for you so don’t be discouraged if none of these trends suit you.  Keeping searching!

1. Ball Gowns

If you have a flair for the dramatic and are looking to make and entrance, a ball gown might be a great choice.  There were plenty of them on the Fall 2018 Bridal runways so your choices are plenty.  You can add some sophistication to the ball gown by wearing tulle or jacquard to the gown.

Caroline Castigliano

Caroline Castigliano

Legends by Romona Keveza

Legends by Romona Keveza

2. Bows

Do you want a wedding gown that is even more feminine?  Add one or two or more bows to your wedding dress and voilà!  Your wedding dress is ornate and even more beautiful.  The presence of bows was ubiquitous on the runways and it’s not a trend that will leave anytime soon.  So if you’re up for bows, enjoy!  Note below that the Viktor and Rolf wedding dress is also a ball gown satisfying two trends in one wedding dress!



Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf

3. Capes and Jackets

Not into veils? A full-length bridal cape or shorter is the perfect alternative: It still adds dimension to your gown, but it feels modern. Plus, this trend is an easy way to pull off a mid-wedding outfit change. Wear a cape or jacket for a more formal look during your ceremony, then whisk it away to reveal a different look for your reception.

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

4. Halter Necklines

Put the emphasis on your face and show off your shoulders in a dress with an elegant halter neckline. This more modest style also works for a range of body types, as it flatters the upper body and offers additional support for bustier brides.



Romona Keveza Collection

Romona Keveza Collection

5. High Collars

A high collar gives off a very high-fashion look. Scalloped lace will give you a regal feel.  For a modern style, select a high collar made of tulle or satin. Statement earrings and a windswept updo perfectly complement this buttoned-up trend.

Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo

Lian Carlo

Lian Carlo

6. Pink Dresses

The millennial pink trend has taken over bridal fashion. This versatile “it” hue appeared in almost every collection, running the gamut from splashy deep pink embroideries to more ethereal shades of blush and mauve.

Gracy Accad

Gracy Accad

Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan

7. Slip Dresses

The slinky, curve-skimming slip dress is back on trend. Go for timeless glamour à la Carolyn Bessette Kennedy with a simple, heavy crepe style, or go bohemian with a lace embellished bodice. Either way, this silhouette is effortlessly sophisticated.





8. Split Sleeves

Sheer, split sleeves (long sleeves that split for a streamer-like effect) are a gorgeous way to make an ethereal statement and add movement to your gown. Choose a lace sheath gown with fluttery streamer details or pair the split sleeves with a sultry mermaid-style dress for a romantic look.



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DJ vs. Wedding Band: How To Decide Which Is Right For Your Day Guest Author: Donna Maurer

Featured Image

Getting ready for your wedding day is a lot of work. Although you may not think it’s significant, one of the most important choices you’ll have to make for your big day is whether to hire a local DJ or a wedding band for your big day. Both are wonderful options for your wedding venue, but a few things you should take into consideration is the location of your venue, the date of your wedding, how much you’re willing to spend, and how large your guest list is. Here’s a short guide to help you figure out whether you should hire a professional DJ or wedding band for your big day.

Should You Hire a DJ?

A great way to keep the dance floor going at your wedding is to hire a professional DJ. Not only is this a cost-effective way to play music at your venue, but you’ll also have access to hundreds of songs to choose from to play while dancing with your significant other. Plus, a DJ won’t take up too much space. If you have a smaller venue, this will be the best way to play music, besides hooking up a Spotify playlist to a speaker system.

However, even if hiring a professional DJ may seem like the ideal choice, if your wedding’s theme is elegant and classical, it might just not fit the style of the venue. Additionally, you may rather hook up your iPhone to a speaker if you’re on a rather tight budget.   

Should You Hire a DJ?

Should You Hire a Wedding Band?

Hiring a wedding band is a great way to have classical music flow throughout your venue and truly make your big day feel as special as it can be. Although a wedding band may be expensive for your wedding, you have to remember that you’re hiring professional musicians, whose music may seem invaluable. Not to mention, the memory of having a professional orchestra play at your wedding may seem like something out of a dream.

Although hiring a wedding band may seem like something truly special, you can’t forget that most come at a great cost. Also, if you have a small wedding venue and budget, you might not have enough funds or room to house a full wedding band at your venue.

How to Make the Right Decision

Figure Out Your Budget

When deciding whether to hire a professional DJ or wedding band, you should figure out your budget. If you have a relatively narrow budget, you should book a wedding DJ, but if you have more than enough money to spend, you should book a local wedding band from Around Town Entertainment in NYC. Although a wedding band may seem like a lot of money, you’ll get a chance to lower the cost of their services by requesting a band from a friend’s referral. You may not want to low-ball a wedding band; but, if they’re part of your dream wedding, they’re worth spending the extra money for your big day.

Figure Out Your Budget

Book Your Wedding Venue

Booking your wedding venue is an integral part of planning your big day. While comparing the different venues that you can host your wedding at, you should consider whether to hire a DJ or wedding band, so you can ensure you have the necessary space. After all, you won’t need the same amount of space for a DJ as a wedding band. However, make sure you keep in mind that the more space you need, the more your venue will cost. Fortunately, most venues will have a designated area for a wedding band, so you won’t have to worry too much about making sure you have necessary space for an orchestra to carry you down the aisle with their music.

Plan Out Your Wedding Date

When determining which you should use, either a DJ or wedding band, you should keep your wedding date in consideration. Typically, a wedding band will need more notice in advance for your booking to go over what music you want to be played and to get a look at the venue, where they’ll be playing. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough time to give much notice, your chances of efficiently hiring a wedding band might be more challenging than hiring a local professional DJ. This is mainly due to it being much easier to choose what kind of music you want to be played at your wedding and compile it into a wedding with a DJ over a professional wedding band. If you want specific songs played at your wedding by a wedding band, they might more time to prepare for the event.

Plan Out Your Wedding Date

Determine How Big Your Wedding Will Be

The size of your wedding is also another significant factor in deciding whether you should hire a local DJ or wedding band. If your wedding is fairly small, you may not want to spend a lot of money on a wedding band, and rather hire a local professional DJ. If the size of your wedding guest list is pretty large, you should consider hiring a wedding band over a DJ because more people will be able to appreciate the music that you’re paying for. Unfortunately, if you hire a local DJ, your guests may think you’re trying to cheap out on the music over a professional wedding band.

It’s never easy to decide who to hire for your wedding band, whether it’s a professional wedding band or local DJ. There are quite a few things you should keep in mind to help you make your decision, such as the type of venue, the size of your wedding guest list, and how much money you have to spend. Hopefully, with the help of this short guide, you can have a much easier time making the right decision. Start discussing your wedding music options with your significant other today, the sooner you start, the more affordable booking your DJ or wedding band will be.


Author’s Bio

As an experienced content creator, Donna has covered numerous topics related to the beauty industry. She is a former writer for an esthetician and skin spa and she’s constantly researching the latest skin care products and tutorials. Donna loves sharing new routines and treatments that worked for her, in the hopes that others will find similar, positive results.


Dance Like Everyone is Watching Making Dreams Come True


Wedding Dance

The vows have been recited, the rings have been exchanged, e cake has been cut, and now it is time to head to the dance floor.  The newlyweds are now about to perform their first dance as husband and wife.  This is one moment that has caused much anxiety during the wedding planning.  “What song do we choose?” nervously asks the bride.  “What dance do we do?” anxiously wonders the groom.  This moment can be avoided by meticulous wedding planning.  Choosing the song ahead of time along with the appropriate ballroom dance will have the happy couple looking forward to their first dance as a married couple, instead of dreading it.

Cassandra and Matt have been planning their upcoming nuptials down to the very last detail.  While deciding not to use a ballroom dancing instructor, they still have gone to great lengths to choose the perfect song for their first dance together as husband and wife.  They have also chosen the songs for the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance.  Deliberating as far out as six months in advance of her wedding day, Cassandra has made her decision.  She will dance her first dance with her husband to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran.  She will also dance with her father to the song I Loved Her First by Heartland while the groom will dance with his mother to Forever Young by Rod Stewart.  All it took was a little planning and forethought but now the stress of the first wedding dances is all over but the performance on the big day!


John Gandy Events A Full Service Planning and Design Firm Located in Tallahassee, Florida

John Gandy Headshot 2

Since 1990, John Gandy of John Gandy Events in Tallahassee, Florida has been setting trends in event planning, with his specialty being weddings.  His tagline reads, “We don’t follow trends, we set them.”  Based on his reputation and results, he could not have chosen a more accurate statement!

John Gandy Headshot

I.     John Gandy and His Philosophy + Inspiration

John Gandy is a brilliant designer, planner, and coordinator regardless of the event, but especially weddings.  He has a gift of being able to relate to people quite easily.  He knows how to make his clients feel comfortable and earn their trust.

John has a unique vision that is all his own. He is able to meet with clients and immediately set them as ease, ensuring their dream will be achieved through a collaboration of their ideas and his design knowledge.


John’s philosophy to his clients is quite simple:  Be Authentic – Be Realistic – Be In the Moment.   Each of these pieces of advice will keep the bride grounded and allow for a more pleasant wedding planning experience.

Here is John’s three-point plan:

Be Authentic:  Be yourself by staying true to yourself.  Don’t get lost in other people’s dreams for you.

Be Realistic:  Make sure you know your budget and what it can withstand.  Don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Be In the Moment:  It all goes by so fast.  Enjoy every moment of it!


Much of John’s inspiration comes from his extensive travel which has taken him to places as far away as China.  He visited the Forbidden City in Beijing where the Ming Dynasty once ruled from their opulent imperial palace.  It is experiences like these that build on John’s repertoire of inspiration which translates into ideas for his clients.  It is not only the pieces of art that he collects during his travel that are significant, but the experiences that he can draw upon to design a truly unique event.


II.     The Team at John Gandy Events

John has assembled a team of experts to ensure that each wedding goes perfectly and attention is given to every single detail.  Because John Gandy Events is a full-service planning and design firm, every bride can choose to have a planner, coordinator, and designer every step of the way including on their wedding day. The brides may also choose to only have one or two of the professionals on their journey.  Whatever is most helpful and comfortable to the bride is available to them at John Gandy Events!

John Gandy Events Team

Here’s an introduction to the team:

Troy Rentz serves as an Event Coordinator and Event Team Leader, as well as Coordinator of Rentals. Troy is a hard-working, natural leader with an impressive eye for design. He is well informed in a variety of unique trends and styles and he has an excellent work ethic making sure the design plan is executed flawlessly.

Juli Downs serves as the Bridal Coordinator, has been coordinating weddings for years, beginning in Atlanta when she was an Atlanta Falcon Cheerleader. She has been a member of the John Gandy Events team for many years. Juli’s kind and calm demeanor coupled with her impeccable taste and extensive knowledge of fashion and design, makes her perfect for our team. She has an uncanny ability to make every bride feel special on their wedding day.

Janice Powell: Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to make an exquisite wedding reception design all come together? Just ask Janice Powell, our Production Designer and Rental Coordinator. Janice brings the design vision to life whether it’s transforming an indoor reception to rustic elegance or adding the glamour and sparkle to a seemingly casual venue, she knows what it takes and has the drive to get it done.

Emily Pozzouli, a recent graduate of FSU, is one of our newest Event Managers. Her passions for design and planning are what make her a perfect fit to the team. Her favorite part of the job is working with clients to help bring their creative visions to life.

Steven Phodes is the “GandyLand” Warehouse Manager and an invaluable asset to our team. Steven keeps all 13,000 square feet of GandyLand organized and all the rental inventory in tip top shape and ready to go. His carpentry skill and building knowledge allows him to customize items for clients to make each detail even more unique

Scott Kelley works behind the scenes in the warehouse alongside Steven. His ability to read a situation and decide what is needed to provide for the best possible outcome allows our team to be more flexible with our inventory and provide the best options to our clients.

Amanda Karmanos Barksdale is John Gandy Events’ go-to stationery designer.  Amanda is the go-to custom stationery designer. She joined the team 6 years ago so she could see her designs come alive at each event. Her creative side, coupled with her fun personality and willingness to take on a challenge makes her a special asset as an Event Manager for our events.

Karen Bell is the Executive Assistant to John Gandy. Karen’s vast experience in the hotel industry allows her to use that knowledge and her excellent organizational skills to assist our clients with hotel bookings nationwide.

III.          The GandyLand Warehouse

The 13,000 square foot GandyLand warehouse contains the most exquisite pieces of wedding inventory.  Filled with priceless pieces collected from around the world, a bride can have her choice of almost anything she desires.  My photographer took some photos on our visit to GandyLand, but there was no way to show the beauty or size of this majestic fantastical place.

John Gandy Warehouse

From vases to chandeliers to sofas and chaise lounges, there is nothing that John Gandy cannot provide.  Due to his extensive travel, most of the pieces are rich in history.  I was fortunate enough to see several of the pieces up close and all of them were stunning.  It would be a fun adventure to plan a wedding with all the pieces available in GandyLand!  Brides can be certain that they will be surrounded with exquisite pieces that come from beautiful places from around the world on their wedding day.

Check out these photos below for more of the beautiful pieces contained in GandyLand!

John Gandy Warehouse
John Gandy Warehouse

John Gandy Warehouse

John Gandy Warehouse


John Gandy Events Wedding Planners

9 Rules for Buying an Engagement Ring

Featured Image

Are you ready to take that big step and buy an engagement ring? Congratulations on your pending engagement!  I have scoured the internet to find the best advice on buying that perfect diamond for you, your partner, and your budget.  I came across this article from prominent jeweler Blue Nile which provided the most practical advice.  This advice is great to follow for getting it right the first time!

1. Set a Budget that Works for You
And stick with it. It may sound like common sense, but there is a lot of ridiculous noise out there about spending three months salary on a ring. That’s all marketing. Don’t fall for it.

2. Do Your Homework
Much like buying a car, take the time to do some research. Do a bit of research on the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat and you’ll learn how to get the best quality for the best price.

3. Speaking of the 4Cs, Cut is the Most Important
Cut is the most critical of the 4Cs (raise your hand if you thought it was Carat) because it determines a diamond’s brilliance. Get the highest Cut grade your budget allows.

4. The Other Cs: Find The Sweet Spot
As a diamond’s color and clarity grade improves, its price increases, but at a certain point, the human eye cannot detect the difference in grades. For the best value choose a near colorless (graded G-H) and eye-clean (graded VS1-VS2) diamond.

5. Buy Shy to Save Big
Diamond prices jump significantly at the carat and half-carat mark. Purchasing just shy of those weights can save a significant amount of money and the slight size difference will go unnoticed.

6. Make Sure It’s Legit
The unofficial fifth C is independent Certification. Insist that your diamond comes with a grading report from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to guarantee it’s what the seller says it is.

7. Get in Shape
Round brilliant diamonds are very popular, but don’t rule out other shapes, such as pear, oval, emerald, and princess. Fancy shapes, as they’re called, can look larger and cost less than a round diamond of similar carat size. Now, that is fancy.

8. Shop Around
Your phone is smart; use it to compare diamonds—even if you can’t see them side-by-side. Use the independent grading report to your advantage and visit several retailers, online and off, to compare the prices of two diamonds with the same Cs.

9. Be Smart About Returns
Just in case, make sure that the jeweler has a good return policy. It’s hard to believe, but some companies still only allow returns within 24 hours and some don’t accept returns at all. Blue Nile offers a 30-day return policy, no questions asked.


How to Get Wedding RSVPs More Quickly

RSVP Responses

There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that a good portion of your guest list didn’t bother to mail back their response cards—especially when you provided a pre-addressed and stamped envelope! While your outrage is understandable, you also have to realize your wedding might not be the most important thing to everyone on your guest list, so you may have to (gently) ask them for an answer. To help you handle this potentially awkward situation, listed below is the perfect wording to delicately ask late responders if they’ll be there to celebrate on the wedding day. And for couples who haven’t sent their invitations just yet, these suggestions are some ways to bolster your response rate, so you’ll have fewer people to chase down later.

Make it easy for guests to RSVP.

The traditional method is to send a mail-in response card with the invitation, plus a stamped envelope pre-addressed to whomever is keeping track (you, Mom, your wedding planner). This is still a popular option but there are others you that might boost your response rate, like email (set up a new address specifically to handle responses), texting, your wedding website, or Facebook Events, if you choose to create an invitation there.

Be clear in your request.

Older guests will get what RSVP means. Younger guests? Not so much. So make your wording super clear: A blank line for the guest’s name, followed by “Will attend” or “Will not attend” to be checked off. Skip using “RSVP” and say instead, “Please reply by [date].”

Be prepared to nudge.

Some people are serial procrastinators, and there’s nothing you can do to change them. Others will have simply forgotten to RSVP or are waiting for a better offer to come along. So keep these things in mind from the start and assume there will be a healthy number of invitees who don’t meet your deadline. The day after the RSVP date is past, start contacting the non-responders. They’ll be embarrassed, annoyed, surprised—so many emotions!—but if you’ve made contact with them, that’s a good start. Some will give you their answer immediately, while others will stall for more time. Give them a day or two but no more.

Use a polite but firm tone.

Whether you call, text, or email, your message should be clear and direct. Say something like, “I hope you received my wedding invitation a few weeks ago, because I haven’t heard whether or not you’ll be attending. I need to get a final head count by Friday, so please let me know by tomorrow at the latest.”

Don’t give them a tight deadline.

When you pick an RSVP date, take into account that you’ll have to follow up on many people. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to do this. So if you mail your invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding, your RSVP date should be three to four weeks before. (Your caterer will request a final guest count a week or two before the wedding.) Making the date any closer will only stress you out, and that’s not what you need a few weeks before getting married!

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6 Summer Wedding Trends


With family and friends all around you coming together in the most beautiful of engagements, you’re bound to feel the love and affection during wedding season. It might be that you’re the one planning to tie the knot this summer, or you have the big responsibility of being an event planner. Whatever the case, you’ll definitely want a theme, dress, or even favours that really make your ceremony and reception unique to you.

You have your own taste that will make your day special, no doubt. But it never hurts to gather some inspiration! These well-tested practices can have a strong effect on your vision for your event and are sure to leave guests with a lasting impression and make this occasion, whether it’s yours or a loved one’s, one to remember for years to come! Not sure where to begin? Check out this handy list of six summer wedding trends that are sure to take this amazing series of moments to the next level!

Think Outside The Book

 Think Outside the Book

We’ve all heard of having a guestbook at events, but to be honest, they scarcely wind up doing much other than collecting dust in a basement or attic box. However, this is still a sentimental tradition that should not be overlooked entirely. What could be a better way to commemorate the friends and family who attended the big day than with something you’ll love and interact with on a regular basis?

There are several choices for unique keepsakes for guests to sign, and it will add a degree of interest when people first walk into the reception. If you’re going a very eccentric route, it could be an article of clothing or a large canvas. However, if you want to keep it a touch more traditional and practical, you can hardly go wrong with a signable serving tray or picture. These items can be displayed in your favorite space in your home and will put a smile on your face whenever you see them.

Treasures For Your Guests

Treasures for Your Guests

Easily one of the most effective trends for making your event memorable for years to come is the distribution of personalized favours! There are several ways to go about this, and certainly to avoid the clichéd act of simply passing out wine glasses. For example, customized wine stoppers, coasters, and even ornamental gifts can be a great way to break the mold.

While it may seem like a relatively negligible aspect of planning for the big day, these are the gifts that will commemorate your marriage in the hearts of all who attended, and a great way for everyone to look back on this momentous occasion.

Colourful And Tasteful Outfits

 Colourful and Tasteful Outfits

In some cases, too much eccentricity in wedding attire could potentially come across as being tacky, but that’s not to say that you can’t spice it up from the traditional! While the white dress is still the most common choice for the bride, you can still opt for an elegant bridal gown silhouette and add some tasteful pops of color for the groom and the rest of the party!

These little accents can be achieved in very subtle ways, and there’s no reason to compromise your classic vision for interesting colors. Some dress shoes or ties in something other than black or neutral tones can work very well even with the most muted of suit styles, and there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting with the scheme of the style. It’s perfectly fine to veer off the beaten path and express your creativity and individuality with different combinations of outfits!

Mismatched And Fancy Free

 Mismatched and Fancy Free

Despite being more experimental with popular color palletes, some planners will still insist on perfect uniformity. However, in the middle of summer, comfort really is key for those standing up at the altar with you. The mismatched trend still continues to be popular, and may be achieved by selecting an exact color, or different shades of the same hue to achieve an ombré effect with your wedding party attire, and letting them make their own final selections. It will hopefully make your bridesmaids happy because they can find a dress that is comfortable, meets their specifications and will complement their shape, and if it’s something they really like, it can be restyled and re-worn after the wedding.

It’s In The Details

It's In the Details

Speaking of dressing well, it’s not all about the most obvious and flashy. You can be sure that the photos from this event will be shared in your family for generations, and many viewers now and years into the future will have a very keen eye. If you really want to showcase your style and coordination abilities, it’s important to focus on attire right down to the most minimal of details.

There are several ways to do this. You could find matching accessories for those in the party, including hair pieces, jewelry, or cufflinks. You’d be surprised how many guests will notice tiny details such as these! While statement jewelry was a really popular bridal trend for awhile, we’re seeing a shift to simpler and more subtle pieces this summer. With Meghan Markle’s minimal bridal look as inspiration, specialty pieces that are delicate but still eye-catching are great and on-trend, and will show your crowd that you’ve spared no effort on beautiful presentation.

Cool Treats and Light Comfort Food

 Cool Treats and Light Comfort Food

You know what they say about too much of a good thing. While we all love delicious and delectable comfort foods at a wedding, the heat of summer can cause sluggishness and slow down your party if you’re not balanced with how you plan your reception, particularly if it takes place outdoors.

One new trend depends on relying heavily on cold treats, such as frozen fruits and light desserts, with smaller portions of the comfort food that we’ve come to expect. While it may seem like something that may not merit too much consideration, you’ll notice that your party will likely stay more lively. After all, you’ve put a lot of thought into making this day unique and fun, and you wouldn’t want them to miss a thing.

Author Bio:

Cassandra Cross is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast who has collaborated with industry insiders, from independent boutique owners to leading fashion brands.

For more wedding inspiration, click here to check out my Pinterest Boards here!



11 Popular Wedding Color Palettes

Red and White

If you are planning a wedding, one of the best ways to determine your color palette is to look at other weddings and find some inspiration there.  No matter what season you have scheduled your wedding, you can find just the right color combination that thrills you!  I have located some of the more popular wedding color schemes and listed the below.  I hope that you will find the inspiration that you need to decide on your own wedding colors!

1. Red, Yellow, and Orange

This warm color combinations works throughout the year, but it is especially appropriate for a fall wedding.  This bouquet features a variety of different roses in a trio of hues.

Red, Yellow, and Orange

2. Green and White

In an otherwise all-white event, adding a touch of greenery is one of the most classic wedding color palettes.  Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017.

Green and White

3. Pastels

A common color scheme is pastels, especially for a spring wedding.  Pictured here is blush and powder blue.


4. Metallics

Silver and gold and any other metallic color combination are perfect for New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve weddings.  It’s quite festive and perfect for the occasion.


5. Red and White

Red is a favorite color for weddings because it symbolizes love and luck. White is a great color with which to pair it as it will not overwhelm the radiance and power of the red.

Red and White

6. Jewel Tones

Emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst—possibilities abound among the jewel tones!  This wedding cake demonstrates the beauty of choosing jewel tones.

Jewel Tones

7. Pink, Purple & Green

For a tropical wedding, mix magenta, violet, and verdant green to create an ocean breeze ambiance.

Pink, Purple, and Green

8. Purple and Cream

Purple ranges from luxurious to peaceful, depending on the hue used. For a clean color palette, pairing it with neutrals, as in this arch, is a great choice.

Purple and Cream

9. Blue, Yellow and Green

This combination is definitively cheery, whether you use turquoise and lemon (shown in this tablescape), cornflower and goldenrod, or another happy mix.

Blue, Yellow, and Green

10. Yellow, Orange and Green

Give your event a glowing effect with fiery colors in more subdued hues. This bouquet is sunny and lovely.

Yellow, Orange, and Green

11. Pink, Red and Blue

Berry shades are appealing to brides and grooms that desire a rich colorscape. Best of all, tons of flowers come in the colors, like those in this arrangement, so there’s no shortage of ways to bring these shades into your day.

Pink, Red, and Blue



4 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your First Engaged Valentine’s Day

Featured Image

Valentine’s Day can be tough for anyone.  But it can be another stressor on top of a couple already planning a wedding.  If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year and it’s your first year celebrating as an engaged couple, you should make this most of it and this beautiful time in your relationship.  Don’t let Valentine’s Day stress you out by putting undue stress on yourselves.  Instead treat yourself, take a break, and enjoy each other’s company.  After all, the holiday is about love and romance and, being engaged, you both are at the pinnacle of what Valentine’s Day is all about!  So find the perfect outfit and follow these four simple ways to embrace the day in a meaningful way.

1.     For Just One Day, Don’t Talk About the Wedding

If you’re engaged, you’re most likely consumed with wedding details.  You are probably also inundating your partner too.  Most likely, there isn’t a day that goes by that you haven’t thought about some aspect of the big day.  You probably want to discuss these details with your fiancé.  However, every couple needs a break from the endless talk about wedding details and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put a halt to those conversations and talk to each other about non-wedding topics. Talk until you remember why you each fell in love.  Don’t worry, you can resume wedding talks the very next day and everything will get done on time (I promise).

2.     Announce Your Big News

Whether you’ve been engaged for one week or one month (and only closest family and friends know), Valentine’s Day provides the perfect occasion to expand your exciting announcement to your entire social circle.  Everyone loves to hear about a love story so why not couple a photo of you both along with a story of how you met or became engaged.  You’ll make everyone is your circle very happy for you on Valentine’s Day!

3.     Schedule a Photo Shoot for Your Engagement

What better day to capture the love between a newly engaged couple than Valentine’s Day?  If your photographer is not booked, schedule an engagement photo shoot and then plan to go out afterward for dinner or drinks because you’ll be looking fabulous!

4.     Destress and Relax

Wedding planning can be stressful and there no better excuse than Valentine’s Day to enjoy some R&R.  Consider getting a couple’s massage, exploring the local hiking trails, or head to one of your favorite sunset spots for a few moments of bliss as you spend it together watching pure magic.