Wedding Guests Dos and Don’ts

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With the weather slowly warming up, chances are that you’ve been getting more and more wedding invitations in your mailbox. Now, there’s nothing quite as fun and romantic as a wedding, but the event can also create a certain sort of anxiety in our minds. What do we get as a gift? How do we arrange our schedule for that day? And most importantly, what do we even wear?

Something elegant is usually a safe bet, but how do we make sure it isn’t boring, and if we’re a bridesmaid, how do we pick something that will complement the bride? Well, we’ve got a few tips that can help you out, so if you’re in need of advice, read on.

DO follow the dress-code

DO follow the dress-code

Does the invitation say formal wear? Then don’t try to be quirky and push your own agenda of “casual elegance” or something similar. Just read the invitation and follow the dress code because, chances are, no one will be all that impressed if you show up looking stubbornly out of place. It’s particularly important to follow this rule if the invitation says “black-tie event.” Yes, a gown will be required, and if you want to make the bride and the groom happy, then obey their wishes.

DON’T wear white

DON’T wear white

An obvious rule, but it bears repeating: never wear white to a wedding, and we’d recommend staying away from off-white shades as well. Those colors are reserved for the bride, and there are plenty of other colors to choose from for this to be any real issue. Trust us, if you show up there in a white dress you’ll be getting the stink eye the whole time.

DO wear layers

DO wear layers

Even if it’s a really hot August day, it’s not a bad idea to have a small bolero or a gauzy cardigan with you. Rooms are bound to have AC on at all times and it can get a little chilly if you’re sitting around a lot. You should also consider wearing tights, and if you find that you feel hot in them, you can easily slip them off in the bathroom and put them in your bag.

DON’T ignore the forecast

DON’T ignore the forecast

Sadly, Mother Nature doesn’t much care about our plans, and rain can ruin our fun if we aren’t prepared for it. Check the weather forecast to know what the temperature will be, and pay special attention to whether they mention a windy day. You don’t want to be the gal in a flowy dress who has to keep pushing it down to avoid flashing all the guests in her vicinity.

DO pick colors that complement the wedding theme

DO pick colors that complement the wedding theme

This is mostly for the bridesmaids. Gals, your friend is relying on you to help her make everything perfect, so picking the right attire is crucial because it can work wonders by complementing her outfit and making her gown stand out in pictures. You can easily find elegant women’s clothing online and send pictures to the bride so she can approve them. Show her your ideas and have fun working on her vision of the event together. Any good bridesmaid is also a good friend, and you can expect the bride to be eternally grateful and return the favor once your own wedding is under way.

DON’T wear black

DON’T wear black

Black is not necessarily always a bad choice – indeed, the good old little black dress can look truly spectacular on anyone. This is more about how you style it and how you wear it, and you need to make sure that, if you’re wearing black, the attire speaks “elegant” rather than “grandma’s funeral.” Add a bright pop of color here and there, wear fun shoes – it’s still a wedding and you’re supposed to look like you’re glad to be there, not like someone died. If you’re unsure and still want to wear a dark color, try switching it up for something navy.

DO wear comfy shoes

DO wear comfy shoes

Your high heels sure are sexy, but believe us, you’ll be whimpering and moaning in pain after a couple of hours. Pick comfortable shoes, or, if you really want to rock a pair of heels for the pictures and add a few inches to your height, keep a pair of ballet flats that match your outfit in your purse.

DON’T try to upstage anyone

DON’T try to upstage anyone

Especially the bride. Sequins, leopard print, and glitter are generally not a great idea at weddings. When in doubt, keep the word “demure” in mind and try to avoid outfits that are too short or show too much cleavage. Looking pretty is, of course, absolutely fine and encouraged, but remember that now’s not really your moment to shine.

Out last quick tip before we go? Invest in good shapewear – Spanx can do wonders and make you feel confident in any outfit. Other than that, bring your good mood and make sure to enjoy yourself! Nothing makes a wedding better than a good atmosphere, created by guests who are having fun.

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8 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides-to-Be

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Hey there brides-to-be, make sure you know these eight simple etiquette rules before your big day gets here!

1. Wearing White

White Dress

The traditional white wedding dress indicates purity, (not virginity, as many assume) and correct etiquette dictates that you should only choose a white gown if you have not been married before.

2. Paying for the Wedding

Who Pays for the Wedding

Traditionally, the cost of the wedding was split between the bride’s parents and the groom himself. The bride’s parents pay for the bridal gown, the photography, the bridesmaid dresses and the entire reception (including the cake!). It is left to the groom to pay the fees for the church, the honeymoon, and his bride’s flowers.

3. Order of Speeches

Who Makes the Speeches

The bride’s father, groom and best man are responsible for making speeches. There is a set format to follow regarding the order of the speeches  Both formats are listed below.

Shorter Version

  1. The toast to the bride and groom – given by the bride’s father or a close family friend.
  2. The bridegroom’s reply on behalf of his wife and himself. He then proposes a toast to the bridesmaids.
  3. The best man’s speech on behalf of the bridesmaids. He then reads any emails or messages.

Longer Version

  1. Welcome by the Master of Ceremonies.
  2. Introduction of the person proposing a toast to the bride and groom.
  3. Response from the groom and a toast to the bridesmaids.
  4. Response by the best man.
  5. Toast to the parents of the bride.
  6. Response by the father of the bride.
  7. Toast to the parents of the groom.
  8. Response by the father of the groom.
  9. Reading of important messages.
  10. Any other comments by those who wish to be acknowledged.
  11. M.C. thanks the musicians, caterers and any others.

4. Ceremony Seating

Ceremony Seating

It is correct for the bride’s family to sit on the left of the aisle and the groom’s on the right. However, with civil ceremonies, a modern trend is to have an open seating plan, with guests ‘choosing a seat, not a side’. This goes with the sentiment of two families becoming one.

5. Walking Down the Aisle

Walking Down the Aisle

It is traditional for the bride’s father to walk her down the aisle. If he is unable to, a close family friend, brother or uncle is considered appropriate. The bride always walks on the left side of her escort so that his right hand is free to draw his sword to protect her. As she walks towards the alter, she will be on her family’s side of the church for support, and as she returns on her new hubby’s arm, she will be on his side of the church, symbolically being introduced into his family.

6. Reception Seating

Reception Seating

Correct etiquette dictates a long top table, with the bride and groom in the center, the bride’s parents on each side of the couple, and the groom’s parents next to them. The most important guests – which should include the oldest family members – are seated closest to the top table.

7. Bar Etiquette

Bar Etiquette

While providing reception drinks and wine throughout the wedding breakfast is the norm, a free bar for the evening reception is a nice touch, if your budget allows.

8. Gift List

Gift Etiquette

You can safely assume that the majority of your guests will want to buy you a gift to mark the occasion and it is correct etiquette for guests to contact the bride’s mother to inquire where the gift list is registered. However, some couples take the much more direct approach and just include details of their gift list in their wedding invitations!

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